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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Digital Carnage Cometh

I've been so busy with all my Fantasia coverage that I haven't had the chance to sift through all last week's E3 footage until this weekend. What a shit ton of fantastic games on the horizon! It's getting so that one might have to either quit their job to play them all, or get another one to afford them. In addition to duelling sequels of top tier FPS's titles Gears Of War, Killzone and Resistance, there is also the mind bogglingly beautiful and brutal post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 3. Keeping it focused on horror titles though, there is no shortage of those either.

Resident Evil 5, my most anticipated game right now has a kickass new trailer that got my adrenaline going. I know where I'm going to be March 13th. See below for the latest trailer.

The first FPS I played on the PS3 was F.E.A.R and enjoyed the experience immensely. Now, the sequel Project: Origin is right around the corner. After seeing some of the gameplay, it really looks like they concentrated on keeping it fresh and ratcheting up the intensity level. Speaking of ongoing franchises, there is also another Silent Hill installment on the way. Homecoming hits shelves this September.

A new product from EA (taking a risk and going for something more adult) is the game Dead Space. I've been following the online comic prequel series (beautifully illustrated by Ben Templesmith of 30 Days Of Night fame) and am intrigued by the storyline taking shape here. The gameplay footage and the developers emphasis on 'strategic dismemberment' are all I needed to start setting aside time and funds for this fall. See some gameplay video below.

From SCE comes the J-horror themed Siren: Blood Curse. The demo dropped on the PSN recently in preparation for its release this week. The game gets points for atmosphere, but I found the controls a bit clunky, so I doubt if I'll invest anymore time in it.

Lastly, (and much to my chagrin because it is not coming to the PS3) is Left 4 Dead. This looks really cool. It's a co-op based game that could be the most cinematic yet, as it seems like you are being thrown right into the world of 28 Days Later. Oh well, I survived never being able to play Dead Rising, so I'm sure I'll be content with the three former titles I mentioned.

I also must mention Mirror's Edge. It is shaping up to be one of the freshest and breathtaking games around. It is far from the gritty, blood smeared titles I mentioned here, but as you can see from the footage below, it could be a one of a kind gaming experience.

So, get your thumbs in shape, cuz it's going to be a busy autumn.

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