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Sunday, July 1, 2001

VHS Company Intros: Index

Another thing I got into while curating this blog was archiving the video company intros that appeared before every movie you rented back in the day. Some produced their own content and some merely distributed them, but they all featured calling cards that were often every bit as garish as their coverboxes. Here below is a list of the company intros I have captured so far from my collection of VHS.

A-Pix Entertainment
Academy Entertainment
Action International Pictures
CVF/Nova Home Video
Cannon Films
Charter Entertainment
Cineplex Odeon Home Video
Cinépix Film Properties
Cinépix Film Properties 2
Comet Video
Continental Video
Embassy Home Entertainment
Emmeritus Productions
Imperial Entertainment
Interglobal Video
International Video Entertainment
Key Video
Lightning Video
Malofilm Video
Media Home Entertainment
Nite-Flite Video
Palisades Entertainment
Prism Entertainment
RaeDon Entertainment Group
Trans World Entertainment
Twilight Home Entertainment
United Home Video
Urban Classics Video
VC II Home Entertainment
Vestron Video
Video Gems
Vidmark Entertainment

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