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Friday, May 2, 2014

The Return Of The Intros!

I've decided to bring back my vintage VHS intro feature from a few years ago. Yes, it took me that long to find another eight to pull from. I could've cribbed them from YouTube, but where's the fun in that?

So, at least for a little while, there will be a new intro here waiting for you every Friday morning. To start things of, here is the VHS banner for Charter Entertainment.

This was pulled from my recently acquired VHS of Brian Trenchard-Smith's 1986 flick The Quest. Charter was around for a few years in the mid-eighties. They distributed over seventy titles, including such horror titles as Slaughterhouse, God Told Me To, Manitou and I Was A Teenage Zombie. To see some Charter VHS covers, head on over to the incomparable Critical Condition.

For my previously posted home video intros, check the right hand sidebar, or click here.

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