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Sunday, May 4, 2014

DKTM 220

Hey gang. You ever had a ton to drink and then inexplicably not be hungover the next morning? It must have been the company. Anyway, here's what i got.

Coasting In Style.

I came across a cool vendor on Etsy this week. Check out these wares from Sick & Tiled.

Each coaster is handcrafted by artist Bazooka Jenn. To browse all of her creations, which also include fridge magnets and “motivational” plaques, click here.

Catching Up With Charles.

Here's an episode of Full Moon Entertainment mogul Charles Band's vidcast shot at Chiller Theatre last weekend featuring actresses Megan Ward, Charlie Spradling and Kari Wuhrer.

To say I had a crush on Spradling as a teen would be an understatement. Good to see Band still as many irons in the fire as always.

Newt & The Queen.

Here's a new Mondo poster for Aliens that is being sold at this weekend's Texas Frightmare.

Drawn by artist Randy Ortiz with a run of only 350, I am super envious of the lucky few who got to snag one.

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