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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Came From The Archives 4.2

You may have noticed a common name throughout all those posters yesterday. Charles Band was the mastermind behind Full Moon Entertainment. In addition to the slew of direct-to-video horror titles he released over the years, he was also a pioneer of sorts. In this day and age, I think we take DVD special features for granted. We just expect there to be hours and hours of extras and if there aren't, we may not even pick up the disc! Some value that stuff more than the film itself! When I was growing up in the era of VHS, you were lucky if you got a trailer. However, I believe Band may have been the first to introduce "making-of" featurettes with his titles. Though he had dabbled with this in a few previous releases, his idea truly came to fruition with the release of Puppet Master II. It was called Videozone and below, courtesy of, is the inaugural episode. I SO remember watching this!

There was also a section where they plugged the fan club using the beautiful Charlie Spradling (Meridian & PMII) and then later Denise Duff (Subspecies 2,3 & 4). I may have mentioned before that the only fan letter I ever wrote was to Full Moon Entertainment - and indirectly Ms. Spradling - and it was Videozone that let me in on how to do that. I don't remember how much it cost, but they sure sent me a whole lot of swag over the next few years, including the postcards below.
Yes, that IS Helen Hunt above on the left.
Check back tomorrow to see the most 'amusing' thing I ever got in the mail from the good people at Full Moon.