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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It Came From The Archives 4.3

By far the funniest thing I ever got in the mail from Full Moon was a collection of letters from fans all over North America. It took me forever to dig these out, but here below are some of the best ones. Click on any of them for a closer look.

I swear that isn't me above, though my letter was very similar. Killer puppets are cool, how do I sign up and P.S. Charlie Spradling is the shit.

Wait, what the fuck did he just say?!

Nice, another Denise Duff fan!

I find it hilarious that they actually printed the full letters - addresses included! God, what an innocent time we lived in pre-Internet.

My Full Moon edition of It Came From The Archives concludes tomorrow with a look at the Puppet Master series.

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