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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't Kill The Messenger 62

Okay, only a few hours left before the big finale, so I'll be brief as I have get my digs respectable for the company coming over later. Here we go.

Shocking Asia.

Even though there is tons of news coming out of Cannes right now, I wanted to focus on something closer to home. The New York Asian Film Festival announced its lineup this week and cool films abound. Here's a sample taken from their blog;

CHAW (Korean, 2009, J. Shin)

DOMAN SEMAN (Japanese, 2010, G. Shibata)

MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (Japanese, 2010, T. Sakaguchi, Y. Nishimura & N. Iguchi)

YATTERMAN (Japanese, 2009 - T. Miike)

For the entire lineup, go here.

Who Knew Bill Was A Fulci Fan?

Jason Bene over at KillerFilm brought this little oddity to my attention the other day.

I never thought I see the day where something from gore-meister Lucio Fulci would be in a mainstream commercial, but there you have it. Good on ya, Microsoft.

That Fateful Night Revisited.

You Bring A Horse For Me? recently uploaded their video footage from the Rue Morgue 100th issue party. Below, you can get a better look at what Squid Lid are all about and the man behind the mag, Dave Alexander. God bless him for trying to read his tiny script in the dark.

For more videos from YBAHFM, click here.

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