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Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Blair Week!

This week I'm jacked in with Lost Video Archive's celebration of the films of Linda Blair.

In addition to my review of the 1981 slasher Hell Night tomorrow, be sure to check out the upcoming posts by these fine bloggers.


Lost Video Archive kicks off the party with a review of Savage Streets.

Satan's Hope Chest doubles up with Chained Heat & Savage Island.


Camp Movie Camp sounds off on Grotesque.

Full Moon Reviews brings us his thoughts on Bailout.


Illogical Contraption talks Repossessed.

Lines That Make Things will contribute Blair-inspired artwork.

Breakfast In The Ruins covers The Exorcist sequel, The Heretic.


B Movies and Beyond comments on Summer Of Fear.

Camp Movie Camp comes back for more with Nightforce.


The Manchester Morgue puts on his skates for Rollerboogie.

Happy Otter talks about The Chilling.

Ninja Dixon reviews Witchery.


Lost Video Archive shares his thoughts on Born Innocent.

Unflinching Eye wraps things up with a look at Linda's fall from grace.

It all starts now!

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