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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Vault 3.0

Last weekend, Schwartz & I made our way out to Hespeler to visit Zack at The Vault. He'd just recently moved to his larger location and was still rearranging and resorting when we arrived. The new digs are a huge improvement over his last dwelling and now has way more room to display his wares. And wares there are a plenty!

Come on in!

VHS Galore!

For all the bi-lingual spirits...

There is even a twenty-odd seat theatre in the back which Zack hopes to have set up by the summer. We spent a good hour shooting the shit before coming away with some good booty.

Linnea Quigley. Say no more!

Caroline Munro. Say no more!

One of my fave covers of all time!

Haven't seen this in 25 years. Due for a rewatch! 
Half slasher/half teen sex comedy, I love this movie.

It's good to see that despite the current state of affairs, Zack - as well as Luis from Suspect and Daniel at Eyesore - are still surviving. The world would be a lesser place without guys like them in my opinion.

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