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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cool Stuff

I was working on the set of a buddy’s film all weekend, so I have only just now gotten caught up with all the news of the last week. Man, there was a lot of cool shit at Comic-Con in all forms of media. Here is just a taste.

Dexter Season 3! Glorious!!!

Also on the small screen this fall, is the new Alan Ball (of Six Feet Under fame) show True Blood. It's about vampires living among us and stars Anna Paquin. And it's on HBO. Okay, that's a whole lot of goodness I just threw out there... I need to take a breath.

In addition to the mouth-watering digital morsel that is Resident Evil 5, there is also an animated feature film on the way called Resident Evil: Degeneration. Anything RE has (for better or worse) my immediate attention.

Now, I know the new Robert Rodriguez/Rose McGowan project Red Sonja (pictured below) is not horror, but man oh man do I loooooove this poster! That shade of red makes me feel all tingly inside.

And this new Mandy Lane one sheet is cool too.

To comics now. Marvel and Stephen King teaming up again for a comic adaptation of his epic, The Stand. Hopefully, this adaptation will go where the sanitized mini-series wouldn’t.

I also ran across the website for this "live action comic book" Brielle & The Horror.

I am intrigued. If anyone out there knows anything about this, please feel free to give me a heads up.

I am really behind here guys, please bear with me.


DirtyRobot said...

Dexter season 3... YES please!

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane poster... srsly?!? Awful! It does a great disservice to a fine film.

Jay Clarke said...

Ha, that's funny, I was ready to send that Mandy pic to you, then had a feeling you might feel that way... guess my hunch was correct.

I like it. Sure, it may be misleading, but I like the style.