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Sunday, March 10, 2013

DKTM 173

Why is it I'm always out until four(five) in the morning when we lose an hour each year? Here there be tired.

The Black Museum Returns.

This week, I was very glad to find a press release in my inbox, announcing the second season of The Black Museum. For the uninitiated, The Black Museum is a series of lectures, curated by Toronto cinephiles Paul Corupe and Andrea Subissati, exploring themes and patterns in genre film. This new lineup, which you can check out below, looks every bit as impressive as last year's. Click on the images for more information.

To get tickets, please visit the official website here.

VCR Horrors.

Watch this vintage 20/20 news report from the early eighties. IT IS THE BEST.

I love how the kids are watching Evil Dead 2 and the parents are watching Cannibal Ferox - because that's the same thing. All this shows is that the decency police are on a thirty year loop, always latching onto the newest fad in entertainment, whether it be comics, R-rated movies or violent video games. I'd like a follow up story to see how many of these kids turned out to be raving lunatics.

Truer Words...

Here's a funny fan made poster for the upcoming Evil Dead remake.

We'll just have to see when Evil Dead 2013 releases in theatres April 5th.

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