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Sunday, December 4, 2016

DKTM 319

Hey everyone, how's it going out there? I'm just dropping in to post some horror tidbits before getting to work on a project I'll be unveiling this Friday. Enjoy!

Play If You Dare!

Ahead of the theatrical & VOD release of Jackson Stewart's Beyond The Gates on December 9th is this neat faux commercial for the board game featured in the movie.

I love the fact that commercial was practically indiscernible from the real-life ads for Nightmare and their ilk back in the day. To check out the actual trailer for Beyond The Gates, click here.

An Eye-Opening Short.

Calvin Reeder's The Procedure, one of my favourite shorts from this year, just hit the Web this week, so I wanted to share it with you. You know those “Try Not To Laugh” vids that are so popular on YouTube? Well, they should really use this one, cuz...

Is It Live, Or Is It Memorex?

After months of rumour and speculation, Naughty Dog finally released the first teaser trailer for The Last Of Us Part II. And, as expected, it is equal parts gorgeous and bad-ass.

I cannot wait to dive back into this universe. No release has been set yet, but sometime in late 2017 is a good bet.

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