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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Horror Movie Guide: Blackenstein

The next movie in the Guide was one I know I definitely wouldn't have watched if it wasn't listed in these pages; William A Levey's 1973 flick Blackenstein.

A young doctor named Winnifred (Ivory Stone) asks her scientist mentor Dr. Stein (John Hart) to help her boyfriend Eddie (Joe de Sue) who lost all his limbs in Vietnam. Stein uses his experimental DNA serum on him and well, I'm sure you can guess the rest.

Blackenstein's setup was actually better than I was expecting. Rather than just lifting the entire storyline from the 1931 version, they use experimental gene therapy as the catalyst. And electricity too, for some reason. I mean shit, if you had access to the same lab equipment from the original movie, wouldn't you work it in? It definitely makes those scenes look like a bigger budget production than the rest of it. 

I love they felt they needed to clarify the title to the audience. Eddie sure has it rough in this movie. Not only is he berated by an orderly with the worst bedside manner I've seen since Annie Wilkes, when he's finally going to be cured, everything gets fucked up by Stein's creepo assistant Malcolm (Roosevelt Jackson). Fucking Malcolm, man. I was like, are you seriously telling me this entire movie happens because of a fucking cock block. Damn, that's harsh. 

Joe de Sue as Eddie in Blackenstein

I thought the theme song by Cardella Di Milo slapped, which is good because they certainly get their money's worth out of it. She literally performs it at a night club while peeps are being murdered outside in the alley. The last half is pretty much Blackenstein ripping up people in the city, going back to his cell and then rinse, repeat. I was a little shocked/surprised/disappointed it only took a couple of Dobermans to take him down at the end. Oh well, maybe they ran out of money.

Blackenstein isn't the worst way to kill 78 minutes. It's certainly better than Levey's 1989 movie Hellgate. The Guide however, did not concur.

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