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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Fearsome Fifteen

Considering the intent of this blog is to catalogue vintage video cover art I guess I should actually, well, do that. I’m still gathering photos from various sources around Toronto (many thanks to Queen Video for letting me take some snaps of their archives), but I figured I could get the party started in the meantime.

The best place to begin would be with a group of titles that I’ll call the Fearsome Fifteen. Any horror fan worth their salt has seen every single one these titles and probably has a personal fave that they watch on a yearly basis. These films are at the top of the class and are all incredibly important to the genre as a whole. Now, I am aware that there is a conspicuous lack of foreign films on this list and that is by no means a knock. The titles below I grew up with though, so they are the ones I hold most dear.

So, without further ado. Here they are!

Simplistic brilliance.

The template for creativity on a shoestring budget.

Often imitated, never duplicated.

Kubrick & Nicholson. A match made in hell.

Best mix of comedy and horror ever.

Still as impressive as it was 25 years ago.

These two made their respective generations fear the water (inside and outside).

I’m hoping to have a fresh crop of covers to display every Wednesday from here on out.

-My apologies to Day Of The Dead, consider it piggybacked onto the first two if you like. I adore it as well, just not as much as Night and Dawn.
-Alien and The Thing could technically be considered science fiction, but they both have horror elements in them, so that’s why they are included.

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