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Sunday, January 20, 2008


I just wanted to mention a few things before I spend the day in front of the TV, beer in hand, for the Pats game.

First, the DVDWolf links are up. The majority of my genre reviews from my six year tenure at can now be found in the right hand sidebar. Check them out if you like. I read a few of them again and it is funny how sometimes opinions change over time. From my original review, it doesn't sound like I appreciated Haute Tension as much as I do now. I did actually write a follow-up article a few years later, but it never got posted. Conversely, I gave passing grades to many films I likely wouldn't now. For a lot of movies circa 2002, it seemed that as long as it wasn't as bad as Feardotcom, it was okay. My glowing reviews of Resident Evil and Silent Hill seem a bit exaggerated in hindsight, but I will still go to bat for them against the hordes of haters out there.

Next, is a BIG news item that I missed this week because I was avoiding movie news in the wake of Cloverfield. Variety reports that Dario Argento has begun work on his new film. It is titled 'Giallo' and stars Ray Liotta, Vincent Gallo and the ever entrancing Asia Argento. I am extremely excited to see him going back to his roots. I know that Dario is very sensitive about being pigeonholed and marginalized and perhaps snagging this high profile talent will be a breakthrough for him. I love the crazy devil no matter what! You can read the full Variety news item here.

While at the midnight show for Cloverfield, I saw trailers for three upcoming horror flicks. One was good, one was okay and one was utter shite. It shouldn't be hard to figure out which trailer below had people actually laughing out loud in the theatre.

See what I'm talking about? I mean Jesus! It looks worse than the Black Christmas remake. I'm still pretty pumped for The Ruins though.

Well, that's it. Talk to ya soon.

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