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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Dark Day.

Hey. Sorry for the lack of posts of late. I've been under the weather since the weekend. I first heard about the Queen Street fire while driving to work this morning. Knowing that it was in the vicinity of Suspect and Queen Video, I was immediately worried.

Checking the web, my worst fear was confirmed.

This one really stings. With Toronto's cinephile hotspots dwindling over the last few years with the closure of The York and The Uptown, this is an especially bitter pill to swallow. Suspect was THE place for all things obscure.

Fortunately, the Suspect name still lives on through its Markham St location, but hopefully someday in the future, they will reappear on Queen St.

Click here for a recent CityTV news item on indie video stores and see Suspect in all its former glory. For more info on this incredibly unfortunate blaze, click here.

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