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Monday, February 4, 2008

DVDWolf comes back from the dead

I'm still recovering from the inebriation and debauchery of SuperBowl Sunday (didn't like the result, but at least I won some cash), but I did want to post on this little piece of news.

It looks like, after a long stretch of inactivity, DVDWolf has risen from the ashes anew. Or, at least showing signs of life. I have been in contact with the webmaster throughout the hiatus and the problems were due to some sort of server nightmare that is to be resolved shortly. So, for the first time in months, there are new posts on the site. If you go there now, you'll see some of my more recent DVD reviews on the front page.

Here's hoping that this Spring sees everything sorted out and we actually get some regular content going. Perhaps, God willing, some of the oft talked about podcasts (or Wolfcasts) may even get recorded.

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