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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Battle Of The Sexes

This month I wanted my non-genre selection to be on the lighter side. Sometimes a little brevity can be quite refreshing while taking a break from all the carnage. I present to you Dylan Kidd’s 2002 film Rodger Dodger.

When a seasoned womanizer Roger (Campbell Scott) is visited by his nephew (Jesse Eisenberg) asking for advise about the opposite sex, he decides to take him out on the town and show him the ropes.

Kidd (who also wrote the screenplay) lets his dialogue and characters take centre stage here. Underrated actor Campbell Scott really shines at the title character, showing that after a myriad of previous emsemble pieces, he is talented enough to carry his own picture. Roger is probably one of the biggest bullshitters in film history and never let’s anything phase him. He really makes you realize how much of a factor confidence is when attempting to pick up a woman. Jesse Eisenberg is great as the doe-eyed newbie, as well. The numerous speeches Roger gives to his young protégé are quite hilarious because they feature as much truth as they do absurdity. And remember, this movie came out a full three years before Neil Strauss’ renowned seduction bible “The Game” hit bookstore shelves.

Rodger Dodger may also set the record for number of cigarettes smoked by a main character. Scott looks like he’s enjoying every drag, so if you are a smoker (or ex-smoker) you will want one after watching this. And of course, what would a movie about the make ego be without the ladies? The movie features Elizabeth Berkley, Jennifer Beals and Isabella Rossellini among others, as the objects of affection.

Rodger Dodger is a great guy film that is sure to get many smirks of recognition from any player.

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