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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Masked Mayhem!

The horror genre, more than any other, has its common elements. One of the more inventive of these tropes is the mask. It is a device that is often used to conceal a killer’s identity until the big reveal in the last act. Sometimes, a mask can also take on its own identity and become a trademark. However it is used, nothing gives a horror flick more zip than a killer with a cool and/or creepy mask. I’m sure by now, you’ve all seen the sweet posters for the upcoming movie The Strangers over the past few months. In honour of its release this Friday, I put together this special masked edition of Coverbox Wednesday. I’ll start with the obvious icons and move on from there.

Even though I’m pretty sure I know what to expect from The Strangers, I’m still looking forward to finally seeing it. I just hope I don’t get trampled by the droves of women clamouring to see the Sex and the City movie this weekend. Now, THAT’S a scenario much scarier than anything pictured above, my friends.

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