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Thursday, December 30, 2010

CAST Awards.

Recently, I participated in the inaugural CAST (Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto) awards. Basically, a blogger named James McNally (of Toronto Screen Shots) contacted a bunch of bloggers from the GTA and asked them to submit their top twenty-five films of 2010. I was happy to oblige and with thirty other cinephiles, the final tallied list hit the Web a few days ago. The CAST top five are below.

1) Inception
2) Toy Story 3
3) Black Swan
4) Shutter Island
5) The Social Network

The top five of my submitted list were as follows;

1) Inception
2) Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The
3) Black Swan
4) Girl Who Played With Fire, The
5) 127 Hours

Now, the fact I've only seen nine of the twenty-five films that made the final CAST list tells me my tastes dramatically differ from the majority, but at least our number ones & threes matched up. For the full CAST list of twenty-five, click here.

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