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Friday, November 15, 2013

It Came From The Archives 22!

There's been a lot of Stephen King love on this site recently, so I'll thought I'd cap it off with an archives post. Being a life-long horror fan and pack rat, it shouldn't surprise anyone that I have amassed a sizable stack of all things King.

I previously logged the VHS that graced the shelves of my video store here, here and here, but what I was able to dig out is below.

Moving onto magazines, here are some old ones where King was featured.

Right click to enlarge.

That last one was an interview from Fangoria's 100th issue. Here below is a four-page fold out for It that I got from one of their many poster issues.

I've also often talked about my penchant for newspaper clippings and such. Well, King was included in that obsession.

Right click to enlarge any of the above.

Then, there are the books on tape.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Quitter's Inc was performed by Eric motherfucking Roberts.

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That above tape for The Mist is one of my more prized possessions. It's an audio dramatization of the novella using “Kunstkopf” binaural sound technology. That means it's awesome.

Before getting to the actual novels, I found tons of other tomes too.

That last one I picked up at a library sale. It was in the Children's Literature section. On the back it says, “this biography tells King's younger fans more about his imagination and his wonderfully eerie profession.” How progressive! I also had a few quiz books. I took this admittedly crappy pic before I donated them to the King book and tape swap at The Black Museum last week.

I'm not much for hardcovers. They are big & bulky and take up too much space, though I do have a few on my shelf.

These two promo quad posters were probably acquired during my year-long tenure at a book store. It was around 1995, so the timing matches up.

Here below are all the King paperbacks in my collection. Not complete I know, but still a pleasing sight to see lined up on my bookshelf.

Just picked up that Salem's Lot at the book swap!

Two well-worn, much loved copies of my all-time favourite novel.

Original six-part serialized release of The Green Mile.

So, that's it. I think. Have a great weekend, and I'll see ya Sunday for a new Don't Kill the Messenger!

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