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Monday, February 16, 2015

Blood, Booze & Cupcakes.

I hope everyone had a great Friday the 13th. I certainly did, as my friend Serena threw a party “slash” movie night celebrating the film franchise at large.

There were even cupcakes!

We started out with the inaugural film, which came with a bunch of drinking game rules supplied by yours truly. Then, we watched Part 3 in 3D.

You know, you really don't realize just how many 3D gags are in that picture until you have to drink every time one happens.

I love these movies. They are like a horror security blanket. You always know what you're going to get and even though they follow the same formula, they each have their own personalities (i.e. part 3 is the 3D one, part 4 has the most well-written and likable characters, part 5 is the sleazy one, part 6 is the comedic, almost kid-friendly one etc.)

Anyway, enjoy your day off and we'll talk soon.

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