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Sunday, February 8, 2015

DKTM 252

Hey everyone. It'll be a quick one today, as I have to head downtown this morning to help out on a friend's shoot. Here's what I got for you.

Doing It Old School.

It seems there has been a shift lately from parodies of eighties tropes to nineties tropes. First, there was Too Many Cooks and then the funding campaign for Strafe. Now, there is THIS delightful lampooning on nineties food and drink commercials. Enjoy!

It Makes Music.

Maddneningly, we have to wait until March to see David Robert Mitchell's awesome horror It Follows, but fortunately the terrific score by Disasterpiece is now available online.

I adore the music of this film and feel it is one of the best horror film scores in a while for connecting visuals with music. Again, I can't stress this enough... When this film releases. FUCKING GO. To all the people bitching about the Poltergeist remake trailer that Hollywood doesn't make original movies anymore, you are only proving them right if you don't support It Follows.

Okay, rant over.

The Red Stuff.

With it now being Women In Horror Month, so comes the latest video for the Massive Blood Drive. Here below is the latest compilation of shorts, featuring bits from the Soskas, Jessica Cameron and Jill Sixx.

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