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Thursday, February 19, 2015

VHS in the 3rd Dimension.

With all that talk of 3D last week, it kinda got me reminiscing about other fads during the home video boom. Video stores back then were so crammed with VHS titles depicting all kinds of lurid and graphic material that some distributors had to take things one step further to grab our attention...

They went into the THIRRRRD DIMENSION-SION-ION!!!!! So, with a little brain racking and some research I found seven such titles from back in the day.

First, there were the ones that feigned 3D by having raised covers. Two examples of this were the Imperial release of 1988's Black Roses and the Unapix release of 1997's Breeders.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Next there were the lenticular covers where the picture changed as you walked by them. Two examples were the Prism Entertainment release of 1990's Demon Wind and A-Pix's release of 1997's Jack Frost. I wasn't able to find a demo of Demon Wind's cover online, but fortunately I filmed my copy of the latter a while back.

Photo courtesy of Bargain Films.

Then, there are the really coveted cover boxes; the ones that really go the extra mile. Two such coverboxes are 1990's Shapiro-Glickenhaus release of Frankenhooker and Imperial's 1989's release of Dead Pit. I sadly do not own either of these, but fortunately the guys over at Lunchmeat do.

Now, my favourite is the Imperial (I guess you've noticed by now that these guys were pretty awesome) release of 1990's Metamorphosis. I was elated when I came across one of these at a thrift store and even more so when I replaced the battery and found it still worked.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little walked down memory lane. Talk soon, kiddies.

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