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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shock Stock 2015

Well, another epic Shock Stock is in the books.

A better description does not exist.

This was one of the best I'd say. It was the first year I'd gone down on the Friday (mainly because my short was playing that evening) and the first time I'd stayed over in London. When I checked into my hotel, I was shocked at the size of my room. I mean, this place was a palace!

It even had TWO TV's!

When I got to the convention, I was reminded of this sad event a few weeks prior.


Inside, the place was already bustling. I immediately noticed that it seemed a bit more compact, as there were more vendors on hand this year, with a good deal of variety. But I'll get to that later.

The Short Stock Showcase was fun and The Monitor went over well. Over the course of the weekend, a few people complimented me on it, so that's always cool. There were a few standouts in the program, including Chris Walsh's The Shutterbug Man was a wonderful little animated horror, and I loved the premise of Red Love by James MacDougall

My favourite though, was Micheal Noonan's Aussie offering Evil Mexican Child.

After some drinking and socializing in few different hotel rooms that night, I took my leave and got some shut eye, as the next day would be a long, eventful one. Check back tomorrow to hear what went down.

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