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Monday, September 10, 2018

100 Midnights!

I'm hitting a milestone tonight folks. This evening's TIFF premiere of Emma Tammi's The Wind will be my one-hundredth Midnight Madness screening. The amount of memories I have amassed over the last eighteen years are innumerable, whether it be the weirdo who inexplicably yelled “Get a Job!” at the screen during Ong Bak 2 or the absolute chaos that transpired when Megan Fox & Adam Brody showed up for Jennifer's Body or the dude that took at header down the escalator at the premiere of Hostel - which you can be sure they then used in their marketing. In celebration, I cooked up this little video which chronicles all the films I have seen at Midnight.

Looking back, it is interesting to see which ones have become genre classics and those which have faded into obscurity. I think the only two glaring omissions from the vid would be 2009's The Loved Ones & 2014's It Follows and that's because I caught afternoon screenings of both the following day. 

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