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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let's Try Something Different.

As you have no doubt figured out, my favourite genre of film is horror. Though it is true I spend many an hour watching blood and sinew fly, horror is not all I watch. I do partake in other types (gasp) of films too. Occasionally, I come across off-the-beaten-path gems that I would love to talk about, but that don’t really jive with a blog called The Horror Section. That being said, I’ve come up with this idea. Once a month, I will showcase a non-horror offering that I think is well worth your attention. Welcome to the Non-Horror Selection Of The Month.

Day Night Day Night is a film that had been on my* queue for what seemed like an eternity. I’d missed it at the 2006 Toronto Film Fest (still kicking myself, because it was on my short list) and, for a while forgot about it, until I saw a trailer on a random television show. Here it is below, let it speak for itself.

Hi! Welcome back. You just tabbed out to your online rental site and added it to your list, didn’t you? Seriously though, that has to be one of the most effective trailers in the history of ever. It really grips you, yet gives so little information. Day Night, like so many other great films, is masterful in its simplicity. It requires a certain investment of patience, but I feel the slow narrative only adds to the realism. This film is probably the most intense experience I’ve had watching a movie in recent memory. It’s a very sedate and quiet film, which only made my pounding heart all the more audible. The success of the piece rests largely on the lead Luisa Williams, who puts in a superb performance. What a find! Apparently, she was a nanny who just saw a random casting flyer on a signpost and auditioned. She wasn’t even an actress, yet Williams conveyed everything with ease. She is polite and vulnerable, yet coolly determined to carry out her one last objective.

For anyone who likes engaging and thought provoking cinema, Day Night Day Night is a must watch.

* is the Canadian equivalent of Netflix.

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