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Monday, March 17, 2008

Raimi's Reality.

I missed this piece of news on Friday in my haste to make it out to the theatre. It looks like Sam Raimi is going to throw his hat into the reality television ring. Bloody-Disgusting reports that Raimi and reality guru Jay Bienstock have been enlisted by the CW Network to produce eight episodes of a project entitled '13'. It is a reality show where horror-themed challenges are used to knock players off, until just one is left and declared the winner. Click here for the original story on BD.

It sounds like a very cool idea, but I don't know how well it will do. I remember there was a similar show that aired back in 2001 called Murder In Small Town X. The ratings were pretty weak and is generally remembered only because of the fate of its winner - a firefighter who perished in 9/11. Regardless, I will totally give 13 a try. Unfortunately, since it's on an American network, I'm sure we Canadians will get shafted, as per usual.

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