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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We've come a long way, baby

I’m an equal opportunity kind of guy when it comes to horror. I’ll accept it in any form of media. Today, I want to talk about some horror-themed video games. I checked out the new Condemned 2: Bloodshot demo that recently popped up on the Playstation Network. I didn’t play the first game, so I had no idea what to expect. The presentation is pretty awesome, with great graphics and sound design. In fact, I had what I like to call a “Code Veronica moment", where the game began and I didn’t notice because the first cut scene to gameplay transition was so seamless. The game mechanics don’t really live up to the rest of the product though. The combat system seemed really punchy and imprecise to me. I realize there is probably a large element of timing to be had, but I’m more of a run and gun kind of guy, so this aspect was really unfulfilling. The story is cool, and the use of tuning random television set antennaes to receive information was a creepy touch. Though there are a couple of elements of the game that set it apart from the survival horror genre juggernauts like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, I never seriously entertained the notion of playing it further than the demo allowed. That’s not to say I won’t play a horror game that’s not a franchise because I ate up F.E.A.R. However, that is, as I mentioned, more the style of game I prefer. I don’t think my lack of excitement for Condemned 2 has anything to do with shortcomings of the game. It was just poor timing. You see, Grand Theft Auto IV comes out in a month (34 days to be exact) and I’m sort of playing the hell out of my current favourites (COD4 and Guitar Hero III) because I know I won’t be touching them once GTA IV hits my PS3.

Moving on from that, here’s something that is coming up in the near future. A friend of mine was telling me yesterday about all the cool footage he had been seeing for Alone In The Dark 5. I vaguely remembered there being an upcoming Alone game set in Central Park, but had completely forgotten about it and now it’s just around the corner. I checked out the vids and he’s right, it looks epic. Take a look for yourself.

As you can see, it utilizes an upgraded physics engine (the same one in Half Life & MotorStorm) and really immerses you in a truly interactive environment. It totally changes the way you play the game. That real time inventory menu inside your jacket is a great think-outside-the-box idea. It reminds me of that merchant guy in Resident Evil 4. Now YOU can be that guy! You can flash your coat open like a hoodlum on a street corner selling stolen watches, with the flick of a toggle stick. That spells awesome to me, I don’t know about you. I’m definitely checking this one out when it comes out later this year. I’ll need something to tide me over until Resident Evil 5. THAT trailer of voodoo goodness still gets me going no matter how many times I watch it. If you haven’t partaken yet… BEHOLD!


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This is the best blog ever.

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