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Saturday, March 8, 2008


This is something that blew in completely under the radar and it was by pure luck that I noticed it at all.

So, we all know that the Weinstein‘s decision to release Grindhouse in the two separate uncut DVD editions of Planet Terror and Death Proof sucked the bag. I can accept that they wanted to make back as much of the money they lost as possible, but what really irked me was that they decided not to release the original theatrical cut, as well. Sure, there’s the six DVD Japanese import version that came along earlier this year, but I was hardly going to splurge on that. All I want is the version I saw in THEATRES. Is that too much to ask? So, fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I had a co-worker come up to me and say,

“You know what’s on The Movie Network* tonight?”
“Oh yeah? The split versions I would assume.”
“I don’t know.”

I then preceded to tell him about the whole DVD release debacle. Then, that evening, a phone call from my roommate.

“Hey, Grindhouse is on tonight.”
“Yeah, I heard. The DVD versions right?”
“I don’t know. It just says Grindhouse, 3 hours 15 minutes.”


“Does this mean there’ll be no trailers?” he asked.
“Not in the middle, no.” I replied.

Later on, bunkered in against the snowstorm (the latest of many this winter for the Golden Horseshoe, please make it stop!) I figured, what the hell I’ll flip it on. Of course, because Planet Terror is so awesome, I end up watching the whole thing and damned if the Zombie, Wright and Roth faux trailers didn’t come on afterwards. I was absolutely flabbergasted. There are so many things that don’t compute here.

First, why, if there is no DVD of this version, is it popping up on TMN of all places? I mean, where would they have even acquired it? Second, sure TMN was advertising it as Grindhouse and not Planet Terror/Death Proof, but wouldn’t you think they would hype it up a little more. Like, HEY! Come see the version not available ANYWHERE ELSE - except Japan and ‘Net pirate sites.

It’s just really weird. And I almost missed it! Luckily, there was a later showing that night for ye olde DVR to record. I guess all I can say is thanks TMN! And the two people that mentioned it to me… and VERY begrudgingly, the storm. You made a Grindhouse fan very happy.

*The Movie Network is the Canadian equivalent of HBO.

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