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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Links!

There are a few sites that have been taking up a lot of my surfing time of late, so I wanted to pass them along to you. The first is a fairly new blog called Giallo Book Covers, which is just that. It's a lovely gallery of old European mystery novels - as well as some other titillating illustrations from year's past - compiled by a guy named losfeld based out of Paris, France. Here's a taste.

To check out the rest, click here.

While over at Colin Geddes' blog Popcorn & Sticky Floors, I was re-directed to a site curated by cinephile & VHS collector Scandy Tangerine Man and holy crap, did I ever fall down a rabbit hole! Not only is his blog filled with hundreds of VHS covers, but he also has a fairly substantial YouTube page, including all manner of crusty goodies.

Click here for more.

So, while marvelling at The Scandy Gallery, I came across VHS Wasteland! This is a beautifully laid out site with a ridiculously obscure collection of VHS covers. I mean, the measure of a good archive is whether it has titles like The Video Dead and Microwave Massacre, but this cat not only had them, but displayed variants I'd never even seen!

And he even had bizarre knock-offs of old favourites.

Like WTF???

To enter the wasteland, click here. But, be warned. Prepare to be there a while.

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