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Sunday, June 21, 2015

DKTM 269

Hey all. I hope everyone is having a productive weekend. Check out this interesting stuff I found this week.

The Horror.

A reader turned me onto Horror Section this week, a punk band that does songs about our favourite eighties horror movies. Not only that, but I discovered they also have some accompanying videos, which you can see below.

Being that I've seen about five different versions of The Prowler over the years, I sometimes forget how gore-ious the uncut version is. A treasure to be sure.

Art by Trevor Henderson.

The Doctor Is In.

I heard about a cool upcoming comic series from Dark Horse called Death Head this week.

Created by Zack & Nick Keller, Death Head follows the story of a camping trip gone wrong. The Burton family stumble onto an abandoned village and unwittingly unleash an ancient evil in the form of The Plague Doctor, as pictured above. The story intrigues and the art looks great, so I'm in. Issue #1 hits the stands July 15th.

Meg 2015.

We have all heard the tales. Since 1997, several directors have tried to bring Meg, the killer shark novel by Steve Alten, to the big screen. All have walked the plank. Until now? 

This week, Variety announced that Eli Roth is in talks to direct this gargantuan undertaking. Presumably, the huge success of Jurassic World caused Warner (the current rights holder) to give this proverbial white whale another look. I welcome it. After all the silly offerings out there from Asylum and the like, it would be nice to put the “great” back in Great White. Just looking at this infographic underneath gives me shivers. I can't even...

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