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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trailer Tuesdays: Night Warning

Today's trailer is for the terrific 1982 horror Night Warning aka Butcher, Baker Nightmare Maker.

Susan Tyrell's fantastic performance as Aunt Cheryl is worth the price of admission alone. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen this to track it down.


Belial Bradley said...

I don't think you did a post on the Dead by Daylight game. Seeing as how on some level it's similar to the new Friday the 13th release, have you had the chance to to compare the two? Dead by Daylight's on sale for about twelve clams, which is a great price, but like F13 it has several mixed reviews.

Jay Clarke said...

Yeah, I've seen it but I haven't played it. DBD is no doubt a more polished experience, but all of my friends are on F13 so.... Gun Media were wise to seek out an established brand.