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Thursday, April 17, 2008

24. Part Three

The Film Race screening was last night and it went really well. I can honestly say, being as objective as possible, that our short was definitely in the upper echelon of the twenty-five or so that were shown. There were also four other teams in the programme that didn't make the first deadline, so thankfully we weren't the only ones that fucked up. The event had a good turnout and the crowd seemed receptive to our short. Seeing some of the weaker entries, the care that we took to make sure we had good sound and camerawork was well worth the hassles. Sitting there, watching Melissa & Mike up there on the big screen - the very same one on which I have seen countless films projected - saying lines that I had written just days before was surreal to say the least.

Overall, I'd say our little project was a resounding success. And I even met up with some buds afterwards for the screening of Inside (still as unrelenting as ever) and post carnage beers. A good night I'd say.

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