In addition to the usual reviews and comments you would find on a horror movie blog, this is also a document of the wonderfully vast horror movie section of the video store I worked at in my youth.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The B-Movie Diplomats.

As I have stated before, my old video store horror section seemed to be a patchwork of sorts, old and new, rated and unrated. A lot of the more colourful covers were from a company called Embassy Home Entertainment. They were the video branch of Embassy Pictures, which was a fairly successful independent film company in the sixties, seventies and eighties. I hadn’t realized just how many Embassy titles we had at our store until recently. Here’s a sample...

When using images for Coverbox Wednesdays, I try to post as many originals as possible. I use captures from my own collection and what ones I am able to get from video stores that still carry VHS – thanks again Queen! Often though, I have to look to the Internet, on which there are some great resources.

One such source is a website called Critical Condition. Sifting through is like experiencing nostalgia in digital form. Their VHS archive – many of which stared back at me when I was an underpaid schmo – numbers in the hundreds. I just wanted to give them a little shout out because they have an excellent setup over there.

For more Embassy covers, click here.

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