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Sunday, November 15, 2015

DKTM 283

Hi everyone. I'm still reeling from the upset last night, but I've pulled myself together to give you some recent horror tidbits.

A Saviour Cometh.

It was announced this week that an actor has finally been cast to fill the mighty big boots of The Walking Dead's most infamous villain, NeganJeffrey Dean Morgan will first appear in the role at the end of this season and while I had my heart set on Kevin Durand, Morgan is also an excellent choice.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan.

His turn as The Comedian in the 2009's adaptation of The Watchmen is just the kind of pedigree we need for the leader of The Saviours. What this means for continuity, with a certain character still M.I.A remains to be seen, but it's certainly something for which to look forward.

It's Getting Hot In Here.

A short film that has been making the festival rounds of late is Austrian filmmaker Kevin Kopacka's Hades. Here's a look at the newest trailer here.

Even though using low-key covers of old tunes in trailers is old hat now, I do dig this one. The colour palette influences are no doubt obvious, but from an art-house horror perspective, Kopacka may have just out-Amered Amer with this piece.

Here's Blood In Yer Eye!!!

I came across this video about the history of fake blood the other day.

While the host & narrative are super cheesy, this is still a pretty informative piece on the different types of fake blood that have graced the screen over the last hundred years. Good to see my favourite recipe, the one used in the Evil Dead movies, got a mention.

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