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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trailer Tuesdays: Night School

So, with the summer winding down, I thought I'd play a trailer for Night School, an eighties slasher I watched on the weekend.

Well, it finally happened. I am now old enough and seen so many movies that I have actually started to forget ones I have already seen. I was a full hour into this movie - the scene in the Boston Aquarium to be exact - until I realized that I'd seen it before. It must have been during my video store days. I remember recognizing the aquarium back then because I'd been on a school trip there only a few years before. I recalled absolutely nothing else about the movie though. Of course, the motorcycle helmeted killer was familiar, but I figured that was because there were several of those in the eighties with The Nail Gun Massacre and The Exterminator, etc.

Man, getting old sucks...

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