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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Blank Tape Bazaar Vol. 6

Hey all. For the last edition of BTB, I'll be posting what I'm sure a lot of you still have kicking around in your junk drawers or behind your TV wall units - blank VHS labels.

I must confess I was pretty anal about properly labelling tapes back in the day and since my collection at its height numbered over four-hundred tapes, I had to often get a little creative as each brand seemed to supply their own amount of digits and symbols.

I distinctly remember the oldest labels by Embassy Gold above had a glossy finish which made them more difficult to write on. I had to forego using pencil for the finality of pen.

As I said before, in the later stages of my recording days, the gold Memorex became my go-to, so I literally have stacks of those above. 

I always liked the symbols on the one above and used the cartoon one on all my anime tapes.

I spoke about the surprisingly high quality of the Blockbuster brand, which is why that one above is the only unused label I still have.

I was always grateful of the brands that gave you letter options, as I used letter suffixes for all my television stuff - X for X-Files, T for Twin Peaks, V for music videos and so on...

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me. If you want to relive them in all their musty glory, check out the links below.

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Until next time, stay safe kiddies!

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