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Sunday, December 14, 2008

To Development Hell And Back.

My friend Schwartz recently showed me a promo trailer for a project called Worst Case Scenario, an oft-delayed Dutch production from Gorehound Canned Film. The first promo trailer hit the web in 2003, and their site has been intermittently updated since then. For some of you, I’m sure WCS is old news, but for those who have never heard of it (I was one until last weekend), check these two promos out.

I want to see this get made. The art design is awesome and Nazi zombies are back in style with Norway’s Dead Snow coming out this year. You may have noticed horror veteran Brian Yuzna’s name in the trailer. Well, that was a ballsy move on the part of filmmakers Bart Oosterhoorn and Richard Raaphorst to get Yuzna attached to the project. Raaphourst had worked with Yuzna in the past and showed him the trailer at the Utopiales Festival in France. Yuzna was obviously shocked to see his name up there, but fortunately his reception of the goods was favourable.

“I was so proud to have my name on something of such high quality that my heart attack turned into a scheming for how to keep it on there."

Initially, things seemed to be moving forward quite nicely. The promo reel garnered some favourable press from Fangoria magazine and (a popular weblog based in Holland) and they were able to score a production deal at the Cannes Film Market in 2004. Things were good to go… and then stalled. Eventually they had to cut ties with said investors, burning another two years retrieving all the rights to their product. So, in 2007, Oosterhoorn and Raaphorst found themselves starting from square one. The last update on their website (from last February) said Gorehound had new backers and were gearing up for production, while still accruing stuff for their upcoming shooting date.

Who knows if this project will ever come to pass, but I hope so because Gorehound Canned Film and their volunteer army of almost five thousand strong – who are affectionately referred to as Gorehound’s Guerillas – have put their undead hearts and souls into this project. Fingers crossed!

If you want more info on Worst Case Scenario, check out the Gorehound site here.

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Anonymous said...

Man, this has to get made...Who can resist Zombie Nazis..or is it Nazi Zombies? The production of these two clips was amazing...