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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In Liebster.

I got a nice little email from this morning. They were gracious enough to pass on a Liebster Award.

It's always lovely to know people are enjoying what you're doing, so I'm much imbliged to them for thinking of me. This honour apparently comes with several rules, but I'm way too lazy to follow them all. However, what I will do is answer their eleven-part questionnaire and forward a few links to some sites I frequent.

1. Who is your favorite Freddy, Jason, or Michael?
That's a tough one, but in a pinch, I'd go with the most prolific, Jason.

2. Death by fire or drowning?
Fire. Anything but drowning. And sharks.

3. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
I live in Canada, so Tim Horton's.

4. What was your favorite horror movie of 2011?
Adam Wingard's You're Next, though it still has yet to be released and may not be for a while. If we're only counting movies that were released theatrically, then I'll say Attack The Block.

5. If you could live in one country besides the one you currently live in, what country would that be?
Iceland. Though I don't know if, with all its recent economic woes, it is still the same place I visited back in 2001.  Perhaps England is an good alternate.

6. Horror remakes, love them or hate them?
I'm at a place now where I can deal. Unless they are made by Platinum Dunes. Those ones can fuck off and die.

7. Do you have any pets?
No. Though I did have a cat named Sebastian when I was younger.

8. What was the first horror movie you remember seeing?
The Legacy (1978)

9. Have you ever been to a horror, comic, or film festival/convention?
Yes, countless ones.  I just got back from Fantasia in Montreal, and the Festival of Fear is next week.

10. What was the last DVD you bought or rented?
I picked up The Raid on Blu-ray yesterday.

11. Are you more afraid of fast or slow zombies?
I can't outrun the fast ones, so definitely them.

Now, here are some sites that are just as deserving of a Liebster as I.

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