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Sunday, May 22, 2016

DKTM 302

Hello all. I've been enjoying my Victoria Day Weekend with some vintage cartoons, video games and Nice Guys. Here's what I've got for you on tap today.

Slasher PTSD.

I came across a trailer for a horror indie that making the festival rounds currently called Last Girl Standing.

The Final Girl is a tried and true horror trope, but the concept of aftermath is not often explored. Save for a few titles like H20 and the Scream sequels, we usually just see our victorious heroine carted off in an ambulance to safety, so I'm intrigued.

Dark Visions.

This week, I discovered a cool artist by the name of Aaron Nakahara through Bloody Disgusting.

You can check out his Deviantart gallery here. Nakahara's sensibilities lie in that sweet spot between horror and fantasy, so it's not a surprise they caught my eye.

Camera Obscura.

Recently, I came across a cool fiction site called Basically, the idea is that someone will write a short story based on a selected photograph of someone holding a random object. Click on the images below to see what I mean.

“No Matter Which Way We Turned” by Brian Evenson.

“The Best Solution” by Shya Scanlon.

“Pentagram” by Bud Smith.

I love this idea, and some of the stories are super creepy. The site, edited by Morgan Beatty & Corey Kuebler, looks to be about a year old and also includes a podcast.

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