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Monday, June 13, 2016

Below The Line

Last Friday, I went the other way down the highway to an art showing in Hamilton. Several prominent figures of Toronto's horror community have moved there in the last few years, and thus Steeltown has seen a rise in the dark arts as a result. 

This show, curated by artists Gary Pullin and Sara Deck, focused on pop culture, and also included the likes of Paige Reynolds, Jason Edmiston and Justin Erickson.

Gary Pullin's Scream print above is super limited edition (only 38 were printed) and the few available at the show were snapped up instantly. Fortunately, he hooked me up with an extra he had nearby, as I was there specifically to snag one for a friend. Here were some of the other great pieces.

Nosferatu by Paige Reynolds.

Batgirl by Jason Edmiston

Deadpool by Justin Erickson, Alice by Sara Deck & Ant-Man by Kevin Tong.

My favourite of the show would have to be Matt Tobin's recent interpretation of the Steven Spielberg classic Jaws.

Pardon the reflection...

This is probably my favourite double visual piece since Lauren O'Neill's rendition of Under The Skin.

The event was also to promote the upcoming poster documentary Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six. A lot of the folks that appeared in the movie, including director Kevin Burke, were in attendance and the vibe was pretty enthusiastic. I contributed the Kickstarter campaign and am pretty stoked to see it.

Mills Hardware in Hamilton, Ont.

This will likely be the first of many shows in the Hammer, as Gary is already planning to do more events in the future, with more artists involved and possibly some premieres.

And I'll be there.


Belial Bradley said...

Toronto getting too expensive for lower percentile earners.

Jay Clarke said...

I'd wager it's getting too expensive for mid-level earners as well.