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Friday, June 24, 2016

Video Station Part II

Rooting around in the Archives, I found these little pretties.

I have to say I'm having trouble visualizing The Video Library, as I don't think it existed past the mid-eighties, but my family definitely frequented The Video Station fairly regularly, for this is the second relic I have unearthed from them.

This must have been back when you had to pay a yearly membership fee, or a flat fee up front. Strange days back then. Although, it kind of makes sense considering there wasn't really any way for vendors to chase you down, if you decided to run off with their merchandise. Remember, this was when VHS sometimes cost over a hundred bucks a pop. They had to rent quite a few times to see a profit, but fortunately, due to the booming market, they often did.

If you'd like to see more membership cards from back in the day, check out this old post here.

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