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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Video Station

Oh geez. I totally thought Clash Of The Titans was coming out next week. I guess I should do this now then.

My pack-ratted ways were inherited from my father, but this year he has vowed to do some ruthless spring cleaning. Earlier this week, he handed me some stuff dug up from his preliminary excursions that he thought I'd find interesting. This old rental receipt from 1983 seems quite timely, doesn't it?

I love how back then, renting a tape was such a big production that you needed a 'preview agreement'. They had to write everything out by hand, and God forbid if you wanted to pay by credit card. Out came that ca-chunk ca-chunk thingy! The funny thing is that I surprisingly don't remember The Video Station. The logo is familiar, but considering that the address is right around the corner from my childhood homestead, I would have thought I'd have a better picture of the establishment. It certainly wasn't in my collection of old membership cards.

Probably the most significant thing about this receipt is that the return date is actually my birthday, so this rental of Clash of the Titans was no doubt the highlight of my party held that weekend. I'll bet that tape got a lot of mileage. Good times!

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Michael Shaye said...

I remember that logo. I think there was one in Milton ... each video had it's own compartment with a small curtain over it.