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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Kill The Messenger 57.5

Hey there! I don't usually do a DKTM in the middle of the week, but there's been such an explosion of stuff in the last few days that I just couldn't wait until Sunday.

Come And Stay With Us.

If you watch Lost, you no doubt saw this commercial for the search engine Bing. Even if you were fast forwarding through the ads - as I was - this would have caught the eye of any self-respecting horror fan.

I thought it was kind of cute, or at least better than ninety-nine percent of the shit they interrupt our favourite shows with.

Turn Your Office Into An Abbatoir.

My friend Karen sent me a link to this awesome Stationery Of Horror from 13th Street.

I WANT! Click here for the rest.

They Are Coming.

I got some awesome news yesterday. Rue Morgue's May Cinemacabre screening will be Birdemic, the latest so-bad-its-good sensation that everyone has been buzzing about. After seeing the full trailer and the scene online, I was of the opinion that it HAD to be intentionally bad, just for the purposes of marketing it as such. But no, apparently director James Nguyen was sincere in his attempts to make a good movie, much like Claudio Fragasso was when he made the now legendary Troll 2. At the very least, I'm sure it will be a great theatre experience.

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