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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't Kill The Messenger 41

Whew, things are getting busy around here. I'm gearing up for the usual end of year posts and also working on a few things for other blogs that you'll hopefully see in the new year. Also, my Dear Santa post from last week was featured in a holiday horror roundup over at Horrorblips. Click here to see what others in the blogosphere posted. Anyway, onto the news of the week.

Spiking The Punch.

A trailer for the long-awaited Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever finally dropped this week. It looks like it might be fun. Ti West (of this year's very solid House Of The Devil) directs, and Rider Strong and Guisseppe Andrews reprise their roles, so that is definitely enough to sell me. Cabin Fever 2 hits video store shelves in February. Check out the trailer below.

Zombie Jedi?

I found these cool Star Wars posters a few days ago. It looks like artist Matt Busch has zombified the original works of Drew Struzan. See them all below.

Courtesy of

Solving The Puzzle.

I got an email this week that Italian filmmaker Davide Melini new short 'The Puzzle' is now online. Shot in one day, this forboding piece has already played several film festivals around the globe. You can watch it below.

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