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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And The Winner Is...

The winner of the ABC’s of Death competition was announced yesterday, with Lee Hardcastle’s T is for Toilet being crowned the victor. I didn’t find this verdict surprising, since I think most would agree that from very early on, Toilet was the entry to beat. Here it is below.

Hardcastle will join very good company, as the other twenty-five ABC directors include the likes of Xavier Gens, Jason Eisener, Ti West & Yoshihiro Nishimura.

The contest runner-ups included two of my favourites, T is for Talk & T is for Table, as well as Canadian representative T is for Turbo, and T is for Termite. Here they are below.

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place

Congrats to all the participants, and hopefully we can all battle it out again if there is ever a sequel! The ABC’s of Death is set to release through Drafthouse Films in 2012.

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