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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crazy Clown Time!

David Lynch. He is one of those few auteurs whose brilliance has actually become a brand. His dark & dreamy style has a tangible essence, that once experienced, is never forgotten. Yet it is not only his visual style that has resonated with cinephiles over the years, but also his firm grasp of sound & music. His wonderful past collaborations with artists such as Angelo Badalamenti, Chris Isaak and Julee Cruise have created some of the most memorable pieces of music in film history. I know the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack would be on my 'desert island' list for sure. So, when I heard that Lynch was writing & producing a music album, I was more than a little excited.

The 14-track album entitled Crazy Clown Time has been available online for sometime now and holy crap, can I not get enough of it.

Though every track is intrinsically Lynch, there is an almost unexpected level of diversity here, as well. The first track Pinky's Dream sounds like something I would have heard in one of the goth clubs I frequented in my youth, whereas A Good Day is unmistakably modern.

I love, love, LOVE the below track I Know. I could literally just play this on a loop, close my eyes and imagine myself in The Pink Room chillin' with Laura & Ronette.

The same goes for So Glad.

Man, is there anything this man cannot do?

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