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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Yellow Saturn of Doom.

This distributor logo I have for you today, is from a Canadian budget label called Interglobal Video.

Interglobal thrived in the eighties by releasing titles of all genres in the lesser quality LP & SLP formats. According to the VHS archive site Critical Condition, it was common for their tapes to cut out before the movie was even finished!

The intro above from taken from my VHS of the 1977 sorority-revenge flick Sisters of Death. Interglobal also released titles such as The Clown Murders (featuring a young John Candy) Satan’s Cheerleaders, The Asphyx, Night of the Zombies, & the Stephen King Night Shift double-bill The Woman in the Room & The Boogeyman.

I also had a tingle of nostalgia when I saw Avenging Disco Godfather among the list of their releases, as that coverbox was a big hit at my store back in the day. For more Interglobal covers, click here.

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Dion Conflict said...

I can tell you about being in their offices. It was all hardwood floors, and you steps once you entered that lead to offices upstairs. Man, I just remember those hardwood floors creaked! I almost had a summer job there loading up vhs machines.