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Friday, March 9, 2012

New Additions Part II

It was quite remarkable really. Schwartz & I walked into this used book store in Kitchener and came out with a ridiculous amount of cool eighties movie posters. He'd been there months earlier and seen a few beat up movie posters hanging on the walls. Having inquired if they were for sale, he was told yes, but didn't have time to make a purchase. So, when we went back it turned out the owner had a whole box of random, rolled up posters sitting in the back room. As he pulled them out one by one, the excitement was palpable. Schwartz made out like a bandit - oh, I forgot to mention these were all five bucks each - as you can see by going here, and I didn't do too badly myself.

An eighties staple and a fantastic poster.

I remember Ghost Town being a fairly mediocre affair, something along the lines of House II, but I do love that poster.

I have always loved the Friday the 13th poster art. There's something very simplistic and pure about them, much like the movies they advertise. I've said before that Part 7 has always stood out as one of my favourites and now I have the poster. I especially love the banner advertising the previous six releases.

Home video marketing at its best.

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